Common Vehicle Recalls

Car safety is one of the main selling points for many vehicles. When you invest in a vehicle, you want to ensure it keeps you and your family safe. However, parts of the car can still be recalled for any number of reasons

Published 05-26-2016

How Long do Appliances Last?

Your appliances can be a pretty important part of your everyday life, doing everything from keeping you warm to heating up your food. However, how long should you expect most of your appliances to last? While there are certain signs your appliances may be wearing out, are you aware of the average shelf life of some of your main appliances? Let’s take a look at a few of your home’s major appliances and how long you should expect them to work.

Published 05-23-2016

Commonly Recalled Baby Products

Every parent’s top priority is keeping their children safe. Being aware of product recalls for baby products is an important way to ensure the safety of your child. No matter how sure you are about the products you are purchasing, keeping up to date on recalls can keep your baby safe. Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly recalled baby products and why they receive recalls.

Published 05-10-2016

Why Are Home Electronics Recalled?

You’ve likely read headlines about certain electronics being recalled in the news. However, have you ever wondered why those electronics need a recall? Knowing some of the more recalled products and reasons they are recalled can help you be more aware of what to look for in the future. With that in mind, let’s see why certain electronics can be recalled.

Published 05-10-2016

Power Tool Safety Tips

Whether using them at work or home, your power tools can be a very useful part of your life. However, it’s important to consider proper safety practices when using power tools. Because they can be powerful, loud, and dangerous, there is a definite risk of injury, be it long term or due to an accident. Let’s take a look at some safety tips you should utilize when using power tools.

Published 05-10-2016

How to Know When Your Water Heater is Nearing the End

Your water heater does a lot of work for you. Between providing warm showers and clean dishes, you need your water heater staying strong all year long. However, are you beginning to suspect your home’s unit of wearing down? While it’s not always easy to monitor the performance of your water heater, you’re better off safe than sorry. Take a look at some of these tips to catch your water heater before it completely fails on you.

Published 04-27-2016