Why Are Home Electronics Recalled?

May 10, 2016
Anthony Elio

You’ve likely read headlines about certain electronics being recalled in the news. However, have you ever wondered why those electronics need a recall? Knowing some of the more recalled products and reasons they are recalled can help you be more aware of what to look for in the future. With that in mind, let’s see why certain electronics can be recalled.

Fire And Burn Hazards:

One of the more common reasons a home electronic can be recalled is the potential fire risks. Items can overheat, causing them to catch fire and risk spreading around the house. Two items commonly recalled due to fire hazards are battery packs and chargers. In addition to fire hazards, overheating electronics put the user at risk for burn injuries as well.

Possibility Of Electrocution:

In addition to fire and burn risks, some items are recalled due to the possibility of electrocution. This is mainly due to components of the device breaking down and exposing parts of the device that can electrocute the user. Much like with fire hazards, this is common in certain chargers. Additionally, some devices are recalled due to failure to properly insulate the circuit breaker and inadequate grounding, which can result in an electrical shock.

Other Reasons:

While fire risks and electrocution are much more common, there are also a few other reasons electronics can be recalled. Physical injury is a common reason, as electronics such as televisions can have a stand that is defective, causing the unit to fall over. Certain products have chemicals that can cause negative reactions, resulting in a product recall. This is the case with some portable cameras, with the chemicals causing irritation of the eye and/or skin, along with allergy issues.

There’s no doubt that defective electronics can be harmful to your home and personal safety. Staying up to date on the announcement of any recalls will help you avoid any potential issues in the future. By registering your electronics with Home Recalls, you will be notified when any relevant product recall is announced.