Power Tool Safety Tips

May 10, 2016
Anthony Elio

Whether using them at work or home, your power tools can be a very useful part of your life. However, it’s important to consider proper safety practices when using power tools. Because they can be powerful, loud, and dangerous, there is a definite risk of injury, be it long term or due to an accident. Let’s take a look at some safety tips you should utilize when using power tools.

Handle Your Tools Properly:

Only use your power tools with an adequate amount of light. Whether in the bright sunlight or using strong artificial light, make sure you can see everything properly when utilizing your power tools. In addition, only keep the tools plugged in when using them. This can help you avoid your tools accidental starting up. While relevant for all tools, these tips are especially true for more dangerous power tools such as nail guns and saws.  

Utilize Proper Protection:

One item that is definitely vital when using power tools is earplugs. While you may be using proper safety techniques in your use of power tools, you can still be doing long term damage to your hearing. Additionally, you need to make sure you have proper eye protection when using your power tools. Wearing a pair of safety glasses will protect you from anything from getting into your eyes.

Maintain Your Tools:

Something vital to keeping your tools long lasting and safe is inspecting them periodically. This will help you notice any small issues with the tool before it gets worse or malfunctions altogether. If anything seems off, such as damage to the power cord or exposed wires, it may be time to fix the tool or get a new one.

In addition to handling and maintaining your tools and using proper protection, being aware of any product recalls can be important for power tool safety. Staying informed about the latest recalls before a tool malfunctions can help you avoid serious injury. Registering your power tools with Home Recalls will ensure you are aware of all product recalls immediately.